I grew up in Filipow, near the town of Suwalki, in Northeast Poland.

The nearest neighbor and his workshop are the strongest memories from my childhood.  I can still hear the sound of the blacksmith’s hammers and anvils and can still see the fires.  I will remember that forge for the rest of my life.

source of Filipów postcards:: www.rospuda.eu

I have been waiting more than 40 years to return to those sounds and visions – going back to my roots.  

Since then, I have received proper education and work experience.  I obtained a Master of Science degree in Electronics, and have corporate experience as an Account Manager/Director in telecommunications.

Due to my job, I have traveled across the entire world.  I’ve seen and adored beautiful antiques and timeless pieces of art across museums in Barcelona, Paris, London, Rome, Copenhagen, Munich, and New York.  

photo: Kamil Sipowicz

The Motorbike set my sights for the beginnings of my new pursuit.  My mind worked for two years on the design of the The Dream Bike – I just needed to learn the metalwork.  Later, due to the inspiration and paintings of Kamil Sipowicz, I created my first sculptures.  Since 2003,my first sculpture, Messalina, spent a couple of years in the gardens of Krolikarnia, a subsidary of the National Museum of Poland.

Then, I created two more – Moyras: Klotho and Lachesis (also inspired by Kamil’s paintings).  

photo: Kamil Sipowicz

The sparking off of my own forge happened at the time of my leave of the corporate world.  The ideas I had collected throughout the years had all started to come together and the evolution of my profession as a Blacksmith and Sculptor had just begun. 

photo Joanna P. Wieczorek

One day, while  walking along a beach, I picked up a piece of driftwood.  The form and structure were absolutely unique.  After cleaning, drying, and oil coating this object made by nature – it started to shine.  Working with driftwood, found by the sea, became a parallel passion to Blacksmithing.  

photo Joanna P. Wieczorek