Wojtek Walicki – Sculpture and Blacksmith studio

I perform all the work manually using only basic materials such as iron plates,bars and scrap materials. Hammers, anvil, forge, cutters, burners, grinders and welders are the tools used during the process. Most of the works are oxidized traditional way by wax or burned linseed oil, quite often I do not protect the piece so that the oxidization colors the work naturally.

References to masters of XIX and XX centuries sometimes appear in my works. My favorites are Antonio Gaudi, Gustav Klimt, Alexander Calder, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Alberto Giacometti,  Paul Evans, Amadeo Modigliani and Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

I work with sculptures, lamps, clocks, furniture for the home and garden.

The driftwood found on the beaches of Seas and Oceans, processed by sea water, I clean, dry, emphasize the form sometimes, intensify structure by wax or oils, preserve. I only use woods which spent years in water. Joint work of The Forest,The Sea or The Ocean and mine.

My studio is in the middle of the forest, on the edge of a remote village, Supienie near Filipow, in Northeast Poland.

Make an appointment by phone or mail and come to see my studio and have a cup of green tea with ginger. 

Wojtek Walicki